Friday, February 28, 2014

It's been too long....

since my last post, but I have been rather busy.  As I said in my previous post...I did redo my craft room and decided to take up a couple of new hobbies. Here is an old picture of my studio, pretty much what it looked like when I started working on it.
And here is a picture of the redo in progress.  Sorry it is a little blurry, I didn't check the pictures until after I was finished.  To late to fix it then :)
The next two pictures are how it ended up.  As I said I wanted to take up a couple of new hobbies and wanted more desk space to work at.

I have had this sewing machine for years and for the longest time it was buried in the closet.  I wanted to have it out where it was easy to access.  I have picked up a couple of patterns and will hopefully be able to make them.  The other new hobby I decided to try is hubby bought me a wonderful easel and some paints and so I am putting them to use.  Here is my first attempt at my surprise they actually look like mountains.  Thank you Bob Ross!!! I love watching his videos!
I still have to finish this painting but I needed to pick up some more paints and supplies.  I have made a few cards over the last couple of weeks but they are just variations of ones that I have made before.  As soon as I have some new designs I will post them.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend everyone.