Monday, March 21, 2016

Since it has been almost a year...

...I guess it is time to update my blog!  It is hard to believe that time passes so quickly, it seems you blink and a couple of months have zipped by.  I have been doing some crafting, but not nearly as much as I would like.

My most recent project is in the picture below.  I bought some craft eggs and some clay and decided to make some dragon eggs (since it is almost Easter and the Easter Dragon will be arriving soon :) ).

For this project I started with crafting eggs that I picked up at Michael's and covered them with Fimo Basic Clay, then I used some embossing folders to add the texture (rolled the egg over the inside of the folder) and let them dry over night.  If you want the gems to be inset, just press them into the clay before it dries.  Once they were dry I used a variety of paints and dyes to them for the finishes (Folk Art metallic paint, Tim Holtz dimensional pearls paint & distress paint, Adirondack alcohol inks, & twinkling H2O's).  After the paint dried I used Diamond Glaze to adhere the rhinestones and colored them with copic markers.

Spring has arrived early this year and I have been out walking & taking some pictures.  Here are a couple of shots from last week.

Our two girls also keep me quite busy. They think attacking markers & sitting on projects is helpful.  They can be adorable though.  When they are asleep they are so cute, this is usually the only time I can get a decent picture.

Hopefully it won't be almost a year before I post again.  I do have a few other projects to share.  Have a great week and Happy Easter.
Thanks for stopping by,