Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Only two spots left!

This is kind of last minute, I meant to post this yesterday and totally forgot.  I just wanted to let my local students know that I have 2 spots left for my Blue Christmas card class tonight.  This will be the last night class for these cards.  You can sign up by calling Scrap Arts @ 604-980-8811 before 6pm. Class starts @ 6:30pm.

I will post the rest of my class schedule tomorrow.  I know I keep saying that but I will definitely post it tomorrow, maybe LOL!

On a totally unrelated topic to my classes.  I just wanted to post this wonderful picture of my grandfather. 
I will be remembering him and all the others who have served this country over the years this week!!! I was fortunate enough that my grandfather was one of the lucky ones who came home.  So many others were not that lucky.  Take time to stop and give thanks this week.


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