Sunday, May 24, 2015

It has been a very long while

I know it has been over a year since I updated this blog, but it has been an absolutely crazy year! For a very long time I just wasn't able to spend much time in my studio.  I also lost my crafting assistant last year and didn't like spending time in the studio with out her.

After several months my DH and I decided to adopt a couple of rescue cats.  It took a while to get them situated and used to us and then we had to move our business again.  Once that was done we were into the Christmas season, then inventory and then Comic Convention season.

So now that things are some what back to normal, I have been getting my studio reorganized and hope to spend a little more time in there.  I will try to post every week or so and get back to doing some challenges.  I do have some pictures of projects that I did have time to do, but never got a chance to post.  I think I even managed to get a Christmas card made in December LOL!

I will have a page dedicated to each cat (if I can ever figure out how to get them to show up across the top bar again)  I made them and published them but they don't seem to show up.  For now here a few pics of our new girls.

Khali - short for Khaleesi

Smidgen - AKA the Smidgenator
she likes to destroy things :)

Well I guess that is enough for tonight and I will be back in a couple of days with a few more pictures!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Darla said...

Hi Dee, I am in a similar boat looking after older and younger generation and never seem to be home. Welcome to your new additions to your family. I have done very little card making this last year or more but also hope to get back to it. Darla

hoptownracer1 said...

Aw, love your little furbabies! They are adorable! Looking forward to seeing your future projects! :)